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BLD Make Connections Collection

Ahmer Semna, operations investigator, Pfizer

Ahmer Semna, a 2021 graduate of Michigan State University, shares his experience in the field and gives valuable advice to those seeking a job after graduation.

Make Connections: Matt Zamora, PA-C, MLS

Matt Zamora talks about his transition from forensic science to medical lab science and becoming a PA.

BLD Make Connections - Elizabeth Ingle

BLD Make Connections with Elizabeth Ingle, PA(ASCP)CMMLS(ASCP)CM

Elizabeth Ingle, graduated from MSU with a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science in 2014.

BLD Make Connections - Adam Blacker

Adam Blacker has dedicated the last 17 years of his professional career to the clinical laboratory.  He currently acts a Diagnostic Laboratory Manager in the department of Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

BLD Make Connections - Dana Griffin

I graduated from Michigan State in 2006 with a degree in Biomedical Sciences (at the time it was called Medical Technology) and completed my internship at Hurley Medical Center in Flint. I worked for 2 years as a Generalist CLS at Huron Valley Hospital DMC. From there I took a job as a Blood Banker at Providence Park Hospital (Ascension) in Novi. 

BLD Make Connections - Rebekah Martin

BLD Make Connections with Rebekah M. Martin, PhD, D(ABMM), MLS(ASCP)CM

BLD Make Connections - Michaelene Hultman

BLD Make Connections - your career path is not going to be linear

with Michaelene Hultman, MT(ASCP)SBBcm
Chief Technologist (Medical Laboratory Scientist), Transfusion Medicine
UChicago Medicine


BLD Make Connections - Celebrate the laboratory profession

Dr. Kelsey Hummel

BLD Make Connections - Building your career, starting now!

BLD Make Connections - Building your career, starting now!

Max Louzon

BLD Make Connections - Learning to fail forward

BLD Make Connections - Learning to fail forward

Lisa McFarlane | MT(ASCP), SM(ASCP) (BS '82)


BLD Make Connections - Professional School insight from BLD alumni

Kelsey Hummel, Kristin Hummel, Elizabeth Horn, and Elizabeth Ross


BLD Make Connections - Building your skills while you gain knowledge

Shawn Marschick and Faith Atkins

BLD Make Connections - Enjoy the Process

BLD Make Connections - Enjoy the Process with Meredith Herman

BLD Make Connections - Adapt & Learn New Skills

BLD Make Connections - Adapt & Learn New Skills, featuring Elizabeth Means, who maintains her MLS and SBB (ASCP) certifications and has an MBA in Healthcare Management.

BLD Make Connections - Planning Your Future

Ms. Allegra Smith

  • Bachelors in Science from MSU
  • Major: Biomedical Laboratory Science
  • Minor: Chinese Mandarin
  • School of MLS at Ascension St. John Hospital Detroit, MI

BLD Make Connections - Develop Your Professional Skills

Danielle Casey (Graham) graduated from the CLS program at MSU in 2010. She completed her internship at Covenant Hospital in Saginaw, then accepted a position as a generalist on the midnight shift. From there she also worked at Sparrow Hospital as a generalist and Beaumont Hospital in the Microbiology department before relocating to Traverse City and taking a job at American Proficiency Institute – a laboratory proficiency testing provider. 

BLD Make Connections - Build Your Network

MSU BLD alum '18, Santana McIntyre, talks with current BLD Spartans about her experiences as a medical laboratory scientist at Michigan Medicine in Ann Arbor, what it was like to sit for the MLS certification, and her time at the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics program. See future Make Connection events at bld.natsci.msu.edu/events/ 

BLD Make Connections - Starting your career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist

I recently graduated from the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program in May of 2018. I signed up for the match program and was accepted into the Ascension St. John Internship Class of 2019. I graduated from the internship in June of 2019 and got hired as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in the Molecular Pathology Department where I currently reside. 

Interviewing a Medical Laboratory Scientist: Build Your Skills While You Gain Knowledge

Maggie Smith

"We're in the field where we don't have the choice to not go to work. We have to be there, and we have to do what's best for our patient population and our society as a whole. Right now, we have the most important job. Clinicians can't really treat these patients, or keep them in hospital, or send them home without us doing our job. And that's why we're all still showing up."