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Training future generations of medical laboratory Scientists since 1926.

What's New?

Dr. Leann Mikesh Published in MLO

Different approaches to SARS-CoV-2 testing using mass spectrometry:

Dr. Leann M. Mikesh, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program, recently contributed an article to the professional publication, Medical Laboratory Observer. 

In the article, Dr. Mikesh highlights the different methods of testing for SARS-CoV-2 using mass spectrometry. 


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Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program

Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program, BLD, offers undergraduate degrees in Medical Laboratory Science, MLS, Biomedical Laboratory Science, BLS and online Masters programs; Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Master of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Operations, Master of Arts in Biomedical Laboratory Science. BLD also offers online accredited certificate programs designed for working laboratory professionals. Read more about BLD.







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