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Resources for students including videos, student guides and sign-up forms for student help sessions can be found on the SIS website. More information

Note: If you have ANY questions, please contact ANY advisor regardless of who you have been assigned to.

How to make an advising appointment in Campus Solutions.

  • Click the tab on the left, labeled Advising/Tutoring Appointments.Click on the Advising/Tutoring Appointments
  • Any advising/tutoring appointments previously scheduled will appear here. 
  • To schedule a new appointment, click Create New Appointment.Click Create New Appointment
  • You will now fill out the New Appointment section details:
    • Category
      • Select either Advising or Tutoring.
    • Advising/Tutoring Unit
      • The drop-down menu list will include both colleges and academic support units.
      • Select College of Natural Science
    • Appointment Reason
      • Available option(s) will be based on the Category and Advising/Tutoring Unit chosen.
      • For Biomedical Laboratory Science (BLS), search 0032
      • For Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), search 0184
      • For NSO Biomedical Laboratory Science, search 0584
    • Appointment Duration
      • Displays the appointment duration and is based on the previous selections.
      • Additional Information
        • Enter more details to assist the advisor/tutor with preparing for the appointment.
    • Appointment Type
      • Depending on the selections above, the appointment could be held in different ways (in-person, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, phone, etc.). 
  • Once all of the information has been entered, click Select Advisor. Fill out the form and click, Select Advisor
  • Advisors/tutors meeting your criteria will be displayed with available dates and times to choose from. You may need to scroll down the page to view the complete list.
    • Note: Click Next Days to see more available dates.
    • View the Advisor/Tutor name and Location.
      • Make sure to locate BLD advisors, Yukari Nishizawa-Brennen, Susan McQuiston, Brad Childs, Nicole Lipnichan or Rachel Morris.
  • Click the Time Selected drop-down menu to view available times.
  • Then click Select Time to confirm the appointment. 
  • You will be returned to the New Appointment screen, where you can review any notes from the advisor/tutor and confirm the appointment.
  • Click Book It!

Note: If the appointment is successfully created, a green box will show at the bottom confirming. If the appointment was not successfully created (e.g. if the student tried booking more than one appointment in one day), a red box and pop-up will occur notifying the student the appointment was not created.

An email confirmation will follow and both the advisor/tutor and student will see an invitation appear in their respective Office365/Outlook calendars.

If you have concerns about your courses and check your MSU email and your D2L course pages. Additionally, please do not hesitate to email your advisor with questions and they will be happy to assist you in any way possible.

First letter of last name



"A" through "N"

Brad Childs


"O" through "P"

Dr. Yukari Nishizawa-Brennen


"Q" through "S"

Dr.Susan McQuiston


"T" through "Z"

Nicole Lipnichan


MLS students

Nicole Lipnichan


Graduate program

Dr. Rachel Morris



Note: If you have ANY questions, please contact ANY advisor regardless of who you have been assigned to.

Current Students - Set up an appointment with your advisor now!

If you are an MSU student, log in with your MSU NetID and password. Above is a list of the advisors by specialty. If you are not a current MSU student, you may call the main office to schedule an appointment with an advisor. The phone number is 517-353-7800.

For General Advising, advisors have been assigned to students based on the student's name below. Please note that if your assigned advisor is not available when you would prefer to make an appointment, you may email them for their availability or make an appointment with one of the other advisors.