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Transfusion Service Management

This one of a kind program is available online and will explore the best practices and common work themes in the area of transfusion management. Participants will achieve a thorough understanding of what is required to manage a transfusion practice. You can earn a Certificate in Transfusion Service Management by completing all the courses, or take any of the courses independently. To enroll, you can register as a Lifelong Education student.

This program includes the following courses:

BLD 835 - Hemostasis, Thrombosis, and Effective Resource Management (3 Credits) - is taught in the fall semester of even years, and will educate students on the theories of coagulation, thrombosis, and effective blood product management, as well as the needs and particular stresses during an active bleeding crisis.

BLD 836 - Adverse Transfusion Outcomes: Detection, Monitoring, and Prevention (2 Credits) - is taught in the spring semester of odd years. Students will learn about adverse transfusion outcomes and will cover the cause, methods of detection, monitoring paradigms and prevention.

BLD 837 - Transfusion Service Operations and Management (1 Credit) - is taught in the fall semester of even years and covers management and operational practices needed to meet both the fiscal and regulatory oversight of a transfusion service.

BLD 838 - The Clinical Context of Blood Product Management (1 Credit) - is taught during the spring semester of odd years. Through a series of physician interviews and scientific literature reviews, the student will develop an understanding of the transfusion needs of various patient groups, including patient blood management strategies, trauma and massive transfusion, cardiac surgery, cardiac intensive care, pulmonary intensive care, bone marrow and solid organ transplants, obstetrics, neonatology, and patients with hematological disorders.


Start your Spartan journey

Need help with registration assistance, course information, or general interest, please email Brad Childs, Graduate Program Academic Advisor, at childsb1@msu.edu.  



Books can be purchased from any retailer, however, they are in stock at the Student Bookstore.

BLD 835

Rodak's Hematology; Clinical Principles and Applications
Author: Keohane EM, Smith LJ, Walenga JM
ISBN: 978-0-323-23906-6
Edition: 5th

Laboratory Hemostasis
Author: Bennett
ISBN: 9780387368382

BLD 836
Transfusion Reactions
Author: Popovsky
ISBN: 9781563952449
Edition: 3rd

BLD 837
Laboratory Management Principles and Process
Author: Harmening
ISBN: 080361599x
Edition: 2nd