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Immunodiagnostics and Clinical Flow Cytometry

About this program

Laboratory scientists from all over the world have taken interest in this topic. This program will prepare medical laboratory scientists to use the techniques and equipment of flow cytometry to diagnose various medical conditions quicker and with more accuracy. This certificate program is made up of three two-credit courses. The first two courses are only available online, and the third is a one-week lab taught on the main campus of Michigan State University.

Who should take this program?

This post-baccalaureate program assumes you have a minimum of a four-year bachelor’s degree and have worked in a laboratory. Laboratory scientists that desire to learn how to implement immunodiagnostics and clinical flow cytometry to help diagnose medical conditions using testing protocols and assays that will support their diagnosis.

Apply here

Start Your Spartan Journey

Need help with registration assistance, course information, or general interest, please email Brad Childs, graduate program academic advisor, at childsb1@msu.edu


Program Courses

This program includes the following courses:

BLD 850 – Concepts in Immunodiagnostics (2 Credits) – is taught during the fall  semester every year and will educate students on the immunology principles and theory applied to diagnostic evaluation of the host immune response during health and disease stages of life.

BLD 851 – Clinical Applications of Immunodiagnostics (2 Credits) – is taught during the spring semester every year, and will help students to discuss and develop skills in immunodiagnostics theories and principles applied to clinical assay development and method evaluation.

BLD 852 – Immunodiagnostics Laboratory (2 Credits) – is taught during the summer semester of even years, is a one-week hands-on experience performing immunopurifications, in vitro diagnostic assays, basic flow cytometry, and subsequent data analysis with quality control evaluation.


You may purchase your book through any retailer.

Immunobiology, 8th edition
Author: Kenneth Murphy
Published by: Garland Science
ISBN Number: 9780815342434

Flow Cytometry, First Principles, 2nd edition
Author: Alice Longobardi Givan
Published by: Wiley & Sons, Inc.
ISBN: 0471382248