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Advanced Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry

Prerequisites for these certificate courses are BLD 850, BLD 851, BLD 852
OR experience in Flow Cytometry & approval of the professor. 


BLD 853: Advanced Flow Cytometry (2 Credits) - is offered during summer semester of odd years as an online lecture course. This course covers the elements necessary for successful design of novel, 8-10 color assays in flow cytometry, sorting, and quality control.

BLD 854: Advanced Flow Cytometry Laboratory (2 Credits) - is a new course taught during the summer semester of odd years as a one-week hands-on experience that uses various flow cytometers across the MSU campus. It will give graduate students exposure to the concepts taught in BLD 853, such as sorting, 8 color assay development, and quality control.


Start you Spartan journey 

Need help with registration assistance, course information, or general interest, please email Brad Childs, Graduate Program Academic Advisor, at childsb1@msu.edu.  


Textbooks and Supplemental Materials

Textbook and supplemental material information is provided by the department offering the course and is subject to change. Please contact the department with any questions. 

Retail prices are regulated by the publisher and are subject to change without notice. For textbook and course pack price information, please visit the Student Bookstore website.

Flow Cytometry in Clinical Diagnosis
 Carey, McCoy, Karen
ISBN 9780891895480
Publisher American Society for Clinical Pathology Press
Edition 4th
Binding Hardcover
Copyright Date 2007


Cost of the Course

Registration fees are paid on a per-credit hour basis and will be billed to your account at the time registration.

*Course fees are subject to change with approval of vote by Board of Trustees and some additional fees for international students may be applicable. 


Registration for Non-Degree education student to take courses.

Image of Dr. Susan A. McQuiston

Dr. Sue McQuiston’s experience in flow cytometry started in the Lab for Cell Analysis at the University of California San Francisco in 1989. Her subsequent work in the UCSF Transplant lab led to the first offering of the flow cytometry crossmatch on demand 24/7. During her graduate work in 1993, Dr. McQuiston worked with the first group to verify expression of TNF Receptors on human cells via flow cytometry. As a flow cytometry specialist for Avigen, Inc., she worked with stem cell transduction using viral gene therapy vectors. She returned to UCSF in 2003 to supervise the Flow Cytometry Section of the Cytometry Core Facility. Dr. McQuiston joined the faculty at the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program in May 2009 and has incorporated flow cytometry into all levels of undergraduate teaching. She also teaches and develops courses in flow cytometry at the graduate level.

Need More Information?

Contact our curriculum assistant 517-884-3483 or via email at raffer24@msu.edu