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Managing Biomedical Laboratory Operations

About this program

Our online Managing Biomedical Laboratory Operations certificate program may be used to train new managers, as well as refresh current managers on how to make your laboratory function in a highly efficient manner. This program is taught in three separate courses:

BLD 842 - Managing Biomedical Laboratory Operations (2 credits) - offered during the fall semester of even years. Enrolled participants will learn the integration of the roles of legislative, regulatory, technological, and economic factors which influence the practice and management of biomedical laboratory operations.

BLD 844 - Topics in Biomedical Laboratory Operations (1 credit) - offered during the spring semester of even years. The focus is on current issues relevant to biomedical laboratory operations from an interdisciplinary perspective with an emphasis on efficient laboratory operations.

BLD 846 - Decision processes for Biomedical Laboratory Operations (2 Credits) - offered during the fall semester of odd years. Integrates scientific principles, management principles, and regulatory factors in the form of case studies as a means to cover strategies for decision-making in the operations of a biomedical laboratory.

Who should take this program?

New laboratory managers, employees, and current laboratory managers wishing to stay current on critical issues most laboratory managers face on a day-to-day basis. Rules and regulations are constantly changing and sometimes the “Old” way is no longer the “Valid” way to manage your lab. Students should be a graduate of a Bachelor’s Degree program.


The textbook used for this course has gone out of print. Dr. Thorne has obtained copyright permission to print the book content into a Course Pack and sell it through Collegeville Textbook Company. You can order the book via the web with a credit card and have it shipped to your home. Their website is This course pack is used with all three courses (BLD 842, 844, and 846).