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Scholarships help fuel laboratory science student success

By Paul Henderson
Student in lab coat working at a Serofuge in laboratory
Norah Kellum, a fourth year medical laboratory science student, loads a Serofuge in blood bank lab.

For Norah Kellum, being recognized for her hard work meant everything.

“(As an awardee of the scholarships), it felt good to be recognized for the hard work I am putting in as a BLD (Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program) student and that my ability to continue my education mattered to the scholarship panel,” Kellum said.

Kellum, a fourth-year medical laboratory science student, was awarded the Herman-Billman Endowed Scholarship and the Lori Ann Neer-Swantko Endowed Scholarship during her time in the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program.

“The BLD scholarships helped close the gap between the cost of attendance and my other scholarships,” Kellem said. “They helped me make the most of my educational experience and academic goals.”

Dr. Susan McQuiston, a faculty member and academic advisor for BLD, enjoys awarding scholarships to our students.

“Awarding scholarships to the students conveys our caring and supportive community,” she said.

The BLD program has provided over $60,000 in scholarships in the past two years thanks to the support of its alumni network.

Kennedy Hobson, a fourth-year biomedical laboratory science student, was awarded the Florence Nothstine Endowed Scholarship for Medical Technology and the Lori Ann Neer-Swantko Endowed Scholarship during her time in the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program.

Student in white coat working in lab
Kennedy Hobson, a fourth year biomedical laboratory science student, testing for fibrin degradation products in BLD 424L Advanced Laboratory in Hematology, Hemostasis, and Urinalysis.

“BLD scholarships have helped pay for my tuition and housing without having to worry where the money is going to come from,” Hobson said. “I can focus more on my studies and working towards my goal which is working in a lab.”

Kellum will be completing her medical laboratory science education this summer at Bronson Healthcare in Kalamazoo. Kennedy entered the Medical Technology Internship Matching Program of Michigan and was matched to Ascension St. John Hospital in Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.

“Donation amounts at any level from our alumni demonstrate the support for BLD students and their future career,” said McQuiston. “The major scholarship endowments from alumni create a legacy of their faith and commitment to the future of the BLD Program, its students, and future medical laboratory professionals.”

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