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Dr. Leann Mikesh Published in MLO November 18, 2021 Dr. Leann Mikesh Published in MLO

Different approaches to SARS-CoV-2 testing using mass spectrometry:

Dr. Leann M. Mikesh, Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program, recently contributed an article to the professional publication, Medical Laboratory Observer. 

In the article, Dr. Mikesh highlights the different methods of testing for SARS-CoV-2 using mass spectrometry. 

Happy Halloween October 28, 2021 Happy Halloween

Happy halloween from lab scientists that like to have fun. SpOoKy things are afoot in BLD. Dr. Brennen mixes up quite a stir in this laboratory experiment.

Explore the BLD Space September 13, 2021 Explore the BLD Space

For BLD Spartans near and far, enjoy and explore the laboratory and student spaces of the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program. From stations at the bench to fun facts about the program, this virtual tour has a lot to discover.

BLD Make Connections Collection April 26, 2021 BLD Make Connections Collection

BLD Make Connection connects alumni and current students to have conversations around student experiences in BLD, exciting career opportunities available after completing a major in the BLD program, and the medical laboratory scientist profession. The events are held throughout the semester during different times of the week to accommodate students with different academic schedules.

Spartan Plays a Role in Manufacturing the Covid Vaccine February 3, 2021 Spartan Plays a Role in Manufacturing the Covid Vaccine

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, Spartans continue their work on the front lines, testing, treating, and even manufacturing the vaccine. Addyson Ives, a biomedical laboratory science major from the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program at Michigan State University, is part of the Biological Operations team for Pfizer. She and her unit are on the front lines, manufacturing the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Art of Laboratory Science December 9, 2020 The Art of Laboratory Science

Medical laboratory scientist honored at international art competition.

Picture a hospital or clinical laboratory. What do you see? Perhaps lab coats and gloves, test tubes and beakers, petri dishes and instruments. A clean, white, sterile world of medical equipment occupied by busy, dedicated professionals. But if you look closer you will find a world filled with vibrant colors and artistic ambitions.

BLD SMiLeS program supports disadvantaged students majoring in medical laboratory sciences July 15, 2020 BLD SMiLeS program supports disadvantaged students majoring in medical laboratory sciences

The Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics (BLD) program at Michigan State University was recently awarded a Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students (SDS) Grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) for BLD’s project, SMiLeS: Support in Medical Laboratory Science to increase the number of students entering the clinical laboratory sciences workforce and specifically place many of these supported students into clinical training sites in medically underserved communities.