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Get to know our newest academic advisor: Brad Childs

Man in blue shirt standing on bridge


My name is Brad Childs and I am the new academic advisor for the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics program. I received both my bachelor's and master's degrees from MSU's BLD program. 

In the upcoming months, I hope to be able to meet most of you, and I am looking forward to those conversations. I'm passionate about staying up-to-date in our field, and I hope to pass on that enthusiasm to you.

Those who know me might consider me a microbiology fanatic. I have spent the last 12 years reading every available resource to further my understanding of that remarkable field, and have worked professionally in food, environmental, and clinical microbiology. To put it simply, I am happy to be a nerd, so if you come across anything fascinating, please share it with me.

It is a pleasure to be here and I am eager to guide and assist you all.

Go Green!

Brad Childs, M.S., M(ASCP)CM