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Alumni Video Stories Share Your Story!

We want to hear about your career! Please email us natsci.bld@msu.edu and let's set something up.

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Rosemarie S. Brichta

The Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program was excited to celebrate its 90th year as an academic program at Michigan State University. As one of the earliest programs to prepare laboratory professionals and one of the larger programs, we want to hear from our many, many alumni from over the many, many classes/years. How did BLD prepare you for your career and where did your career take you? Share your stories with us and also share in the celebrations over this academic year!

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Heba Abdel-Azim

I am a first generation American and first generation college student who completed my Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Laboratory Science at Michigan State University in 2015. After graduation, I spent 7 months working as a medical scribe at Sparrow Hospital’s emergency room before completing my Clinical Internship at the Detroit Medical Center. I took my ASCP certification exam immediately after graduating from my clinical program and was subsequently hired as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in a STAT lab at McLaren Hospital - Greater Lansing. Working in an emergency room prior to working in a STAT lab helped me better understand the responsibilities of Medical Laboratory Scientist and encouraged me to help bridge the gap between physicians and the laboratory. Working in the hematology department has proved to be intellectually stimulating and has piqued my interest.

My initial exposure to hematology was with Dr. Kathy Doig at Michigan State University. I am humbled to have been instructed by such an influential woman who has cause the trajectory of my current career path to be aimed at Clinical Pathology. There are, however, countless career paths to choose from with a degree in Biomedical Laboratory Science that include research, laboratory management and clinical engineering. While the majority of college graduates don’t have jobs lined up after graduation, I found open positions in every state (some pending state-specific certifications) and in every city. I was offered interviews at every hospital that I applied to and found that most interviews consisted of hospitals advertising their departments and making a case as to why I should accept their offer. I rest assured that I will always find an open position, convenient locations and the opportunity to move up the ladder or switch career paths if I so please. The Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics program is by far Michigan State’s best kept secret.

- Heba Abdel-Azim (’15)

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Cheryl Bloom

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Kevin McGlinchey

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Martha Hutchens

Dear BLD Program:

I am a third-generation medical technologist and a second-generation MSU BLD alumna who now is training the next generation of medical laboratory scientists. When I chose Michigan State University as my college and the Medical Technology program (as it was known at the time) as my major, I was exactly following my mother's footsteps.  I graduated with my B.S. in Medical Technology in 2003, and obtained ASCP certification in 2004.  However, instead of taking a job in a clinical laboratory, I decided to pursue graduate study.  In 2008, I received a Ph.D. in Immunology from the University of Michigan.  This combination of MT (now medical laboratory science, MLS) and Ph.D. credentials was exactly what was needed to become the Program Director of the Medical Laboratory Science program at another Michigan university, Lake Superior State.  For the past five years, I have been teaching aspiring med techs the basics of microbiology, hematology, blood banking, and clinical chemistry, as well being their advisor and mentor, and being responsible for many aspects of program administration.  It is an extremely rewarding job; I am in exactly the right place, so thank you, MSU BLD, for setting my feet on this path!  I'm doing my part to keep Michigan supplied with qualified laboratory personnel!?

- Martha Hutchens, Ph.D., MLS(ASCP)CM

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Katherine Miller

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Kelsey Hummel

BLD & Beyond: Student Stories - Santana B. McIntyre

BLD & Beyond: Alumni Stories - Megan Wick