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Student Association


The Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program Student Association (BLDSA) at MSU is a student run organization that provides its members with the opportunity to become involved in their curriculum and profession.

All students interested in pursuing careers in the biomedical laboratory sciences are invited to join. Your membership gives you the opportunity to participate in variety of professional and social activities. These activities include volunteer opportunities, facility tours and social activities. The goal of these activities is to provide our members with sufficient background to make career decisions by exploring the diversity of options available in this field of study.

For information about BLDSA, contact bld@msu.edu.

BLDSA Eboard application

2023-2024 BLDSA Executive Board:

portrait of BLDSA president Paige

Paige Ormond


My name is Paige Ormond and I am this year’s president for BLDSA! I am a senior, and my favorite classes have been BLD 213L, MMG365 and MMG 365L. These classes have been phenomenal in educating and fostering my lab technique, as well as building rapport with my classmates. Joining the BLD program has been one of the best decisions I have made, (other than choosing MSU!) with building core relationships with students and faculty alike in Kedzie Hall. I am excited to once again be involved with such a fantastic student association and cannot wait to meet you all!


 Vice president claire portrait photo

Claire Matthews 
Vice President

Hey everyone! My name is Claire and I will be serving as your Vice President for BLDSA this year. I am in my senior year and my favorite classes in the BLD program are BLD 324 and BLD 435 because I find hematology and blood bank fascinating areas of the lab! One of the aspects that I love about our program is how close and supportive all of our students and faculty are and I am looking forward to working with all of you to continue this environment. I can’t wait to meet you all, please reach out if you need anything!


Portait of Brooke the secretary

Brooke Johnson

Hello, my name is Brooke. I will be serving as secretary this year. My favorite classes so far have been BLD 213L and MMG 365. I was able to make so many new connections and meet new people as a member of the BLDSA last year and can’t wait to be a part of the eBoard this year! 

Portrait of Angelina the treasurer

Angelina Vrzovski

Hi! My name is Angelina, a senior in the MLS program. I am honored to serve as the treasurer for BLDSA this year. My favorite part about being at MSU is the close-knit community the BLD program has established for all of its students. I am eager to meet more students and share my love for this program through the club :)

Mija portrait, event coordinator

Mija Chang-Stroman
Event Coordinator

Hi everyone! My name is Mija and I will be serving as one of the Event Coordinators! My favorite course is BLD213L, (it may or may not be because that is the only BLD course I have taken so far) but it is a wonderful and exciting lab. I am eager to take more BLD courses this upcoming year. I cannot wait to plan fun and inclusive events for BLDSA and am thrilled to make connections and support students throughout their BLD journey!

Portrait of Celestial Atherton

Celestial Atherton

Event coordinator

Hello, I’m Celestial and I will be an event coordinator for the 2023-24 Academic Year. I’m currently a junior and I plan to follow the MLS route. My favorite class so far has been BLD 213L. I can’t wait to help plan and attend the BLDSA events this year and get to know the members! 

Sydney Sharon portrait event coordinator

Sydney Sharon

Event coordinator

Hey guys! I’m Sydney, and I will be working as one of your event coordinators for this upcoming academic year. My favorite BLD course so far has been MMG 365L, because it helped me discover my passion for microbiology! I’m super excited to be working with my fellow e-board members to create a multitude of engaging events for everyone. I hope to meet you all there! :)

Ladymar, member at-large, portrait

Ladymar Rodrigez Torres


Hello everyone! My name is Ladymar, and I will be serving as a member-at-large this academic year of 2023-24. So far, my favorite course has been BLD 213L, which made me want to experience new lab skills and fall in love with my major even more. I am passionate about getting to deeply understand concepts that will further expand my education in the medical field and get real hands-on experiences, as well.  I am excited to meet, and work alongside new people in the BLD program, and contribute in any way I can. I’m always here to help, so feel free to reach out to me anytime.

Tony, member at large, portrait

Tony McKenzie

Hello everyone! My name is Tony and I'll be serving as a Member-at-Large for this year's BLDSA E-board. Due to the nature and size of the program, getting to know other classmates and the faculty is much easier and less intimidating than you might find in other degrees. This is something that I really enjoy about BLD. I'm super excited to see new faces this fall and hoping for a fun (and hopefully not too stressful) senior year.

Cramer, member at large, portrait

Sydney Cramer


Hi, I am Sydney and I will be serving as a member-at-large. I am a junior in the BLD program and my favorite classes so far were BLD 213L and BLD 204. These courses have made me realize just how much I like learning about the human body and lab work. I am grateful to be a part of BLDSA this year working along with some awesome students and faculty. I cannot wait to meet you all.

Katie portrait, member at large

Katie Kolassa


Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I will be a Member at Large for the BLDSA E-board this year. I am a junior in the BLD program and will be applying for MLS this December. So far, my favorite BLD class has been BLD 204. There was a lot of important information that is critical to understand when starting a journey in the medical field. I am very excited to be a member of the E-Board this year and I am looking forward to meeting the student members of the BLDSA.

Ms. Michelle Markstrom, BLD Faculty, markstrm@msu.edu
BLDSA Advisor

Dr. Yukari Nishizawa-Brennen, BLD faculty, nishiza1@msu.edu 
BLDSA Advisor