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Serologic and Molecular Tests

The Pan American Veterinary Laboratories www.pavlab.com, Tel: 800-856-9655 offers three serological tests to diagnose the infections caused by Pythium insidiosum in cats, dogs, horses, and humans. The following serological test can be requested:

Immunodiffusion test (ID) This is a very specific but insensitive (false negatives) test for pythiosis. Dogs and humans are usually negative in this test. It is recommended in cases of horses with suspected pythiosis. About 40% of dogs and human with active pythiosis reacted negative in ID.

ELISA. This is sensitive and specific test for pythiosis in all species.

Fluorescent Antibodies for tissue samples. This is a very specific and sensitive test. It detects the hyphae of P. insidiosum in the infected tissues.

PCR for tissue samples. This is a very sensitive test recommended when culture is not possible.

Culture, and identification of P. insidiosum from clinical samples is also available.

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