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Master of Science

Master of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Clinical Laboratory Science (CLS) emphasizes the multidisciplinary nature of the laboratory sciences, encourages research that crosses traditional laboratory disciplines, and promotes innovative thinking. The curriculum is customized to the student’s interests and to supporting the project each student identifies. Students may conduct research projects with both resident and adjunct faculty. This degree program is available on campus and online. 

Requirements for the Master of Science in clinical laboratory science:
A total of 30 credits are required for the degree under either plan A (with thesis) or plan B (without thesis). The student's program of study must be approved by the student's academic advisor.

Requirements for plan A and plan B:

  • BLD 801 Medical Technology Seminar (2 credits)
  • BLD 811 Fundamentals of Scientific Research (1 credit)
  • At least 4 credits of 800-level BLD courses approved by the student's academic advisor
  • One course in biochemistry or cell biology
  • One 400-level or above course in statistics (not more than 9 credits in 400 level courses)

Additional Requirements for Plan A:

  • BLD 899 Master's Thesis Research (7 credits)

Additional Requirements for Plan B:

  • BLD 890 Selected Problems in Clinical Laboratory Science (3 credits)