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Course Series in Cell Biology

These courses cover principles and theories of cell biology and biochemistry with a focus on applications to clinical pathology.  Participants should have an undergraduate course in biochemistry and physiology as a prerequisite and experience in a clinical laboratory.

The current series of courses are as follows:

BLD 815 - Cell Biology I (2 credits)
Topics include: biomolecular evolution, chromatin and chromosomes, gene expression, RNA processing and translation, protein structure and function, nutrition and energy, and membranes and channels.

BLD 816 - Cell Biology II (2 credits)
Topics include: cell surface receptors, adhesion molecules, cytoskeleton, signal transduction, bioactive lipids, hormones and growth factors, cell cycle and apoptosis.


Human Molecular Biology (This book is used for BLD 815 and BLD 816)
Author: Epstein
ISBN: 9780521644815
Published by: Cambridge
Edition: 1st