Other Online Courses

Occasionally, we receive calls from students looking for either continuing education credits or additional courses that they may take concurrently with a program at a different university. As a "Lifelong" student, all of our online courses are transcriptable and may be used at other institutions. Below is a list of other courses currently not affiliated with any of our certificate programs. These courses may also be taken in addition to the post-baccalaureate certificate programs. For registration assistance, please feel free to contact our Curriculum Assistant at 517-884-3483, or via email raffer24@msu.edu.

BLD 815 - Cell Biology in Health and Disease I (2 credits)
Principles and theories of cell biology and biochemistry are presented with a focus on applications to clinical pathology. This course is offered Spring semester.

BLD 816 - Cell Biology in Health and Disease II (2 credits)
Prerequisite: BLD 815 - This is a continuation of BLD 815. This course is offered Summer semester.

Textbook: Human Molecular Biology (This text is used for both BLD 815 and BLD 816)
Author: Epstein
ISBN: 9780521644815
Edition: 1st

BLD 811 - Fundamentals of Scientific Research (1 credit)
Best practices for the research enterprise. Ethical conduct of research. Critical evaluation of scientific literature. This course is offered Spring semester. (There is no textbook for this course)