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MSU BLD Congratulations Class of 2020

A message to BLD returning undergraduates and graduating seniors,

To returning BLD undergrads,  

How are you all doing?  Rest assured, campus will be waiting for your return this fall.  Social distancing as well as no face-to-face instruction has been a novelty.  It will be great to get back together on campus this fall and actually be able to have conversations and hands on activities in the lab (even if we will probably still be six feet apart and possibly wearing masks).  Dr. Gerlach's candy jar will still be on his desk and our office doors will be open.  You all did a great job finishing the spring semester and hopefully you have things to keep yourself occupied this summer (We are thinking of lots of landscaping tasks, easy to stay away from others, yet be outside and be useful).  See you in a few months!

And now, to seniors, congratulations,  

You worked hard to get here and now you have finished.  But seriously, you are just now starting, starting into the next phase of your career or education.  Whether you are entering the job market, a clinical internship or starting another degree program, you are moving on.  Keep in mind, you will always be an alumni of the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program at Michigan State University.  In my opinion and experience, it is a great group to be aligned with.  We are everywhere and always ready to help each other.  Remember that as you move around and when you are looking for that “Green” contact, socially or professionally.

When the word alumni is mentioned, many times the assumption is that your alma mater will be asking for money.  Don’t get me wrong, a donation here and there is always helpful and during your education a lot that you have had as resources happened because of our alumni’s largesse.  But there is another facet of being an alumni I want you to carry with you as you develop your career.  BLD degrees are a gateway to professions which evolve quickly.  We need you, as a practicing alumni, to give us feedback on that evolution and how we can maintain validity and relevancy of our on campus preparation for the profession.  We need you to stay connected to us so we have insight that can only come from practicing professionals.  Please come back and visit.  Please drop us a line every so often, we love to hear from our alumni, now our peers.

Also, as your career progresses and you feel the need to become current in new technologies or feel that an advanced degree would be for your benefit, remember we are still here and offer many courses and advanced degrees.  Always ask when you are searching and always let us know if there is an offering we don’t yet have that would benefit your progress.

You will only get out of your career what you put into it.  Be a part of your professional societies and be active members, remember, “Spartans Will”, more importantly, “BLD SPARTANS WILL!”.

Congratulations and GO GREEN!!!!!!



Dr. John Gerlach
Dr. Kathy Hoag