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In times where we wish we could come together and celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors, sending them off to the next phase of their lives, Michigan State University Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics faculty and staff share a warm congratulations and best wishes to our graduating seniors.

This year, we’re excited to announce that Madi Corda and Bethany Ribick were selected to receive the BLD Alumni Board Outstanding Senior Award and Chibuzo Nwachukwu and Macy Marie Kurth were selected to receive the Stevens Award in Medical Technology. We congratulate these students on their awards and commend all 2020 BLD graduates for all they have achieved.

BLD Make Connections - Starting your career as a Medical Laboratory Scientist

I recently graduated from the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics Program in May of 2018. I signed up for the match program and was accepted into the Ascension St. John Internship Class of 2019. I graduated from the internship in June of 2019 and got hired as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in the Molecular Pathology Department where I currently reside. 

Interviewing a Medical Laboratory Scientist: Build Your Skills While You Gain Knowledge

"We're in the field where we don't have the choice to not go to work. We have to be there, and we have to do what's best for our patient population and our society as a whole. Right now, we have the most important job. Clinicians can't really treat these patients, or keep them in hospital, or send them home without us doing our job. And that's why we're all still showing up."

Catalyst Innovation Grant: Teaching Clinical Genomic Analysis

Dr. Rachel Morris and Ms. Michelle Russell of MSU BLD Win Catalyst Innovation Grant: Purchase DNA Analyzing Software for Teaching Clinical Genomic Analysis.

BLD Spartan Gives Back: Honored with Spartan Service Award

Jyoti Prasad, a Junior from the Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics, is honored with the 2019 Spartan Volunteer Service Award.

MSU Scientists Launch Educational Podcast

Two scientists walk into a coffee shop and before long more than just the coffee is brewing.  Read more about the Speaking Science Podcast here!

BLD Alumna Brings Clinical Knowledge Abroad To Help Others

You never know where your clinical training will take you or where you will take your clinical training.

The BLD Shows Support for the Go Teal Movement

The BLD participates in Teal Tuesdays.

In Memoriam Jerry Davis