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BLD Mentorship Survey

Photo of BLD students standing in the entranceway of North Kedzie Hall with the text mentoring the next generation on top of it

Have any of you used LinkedIn? A funny story, but I changed my status to “retired” and a few days later my phone rang and I am now working for a great company in San Francisco.

People like to “connect” to learn about jobs, educational opportunities and to see what their friends are doing. In our discussions with students, recent graduates, and even our more seasoned alums, we found that many are seeking a connection with people who have shared experiences in their career.  Some are looking to change the focus of their career, some are exploring the possibility of further education, and some are just curious what the future could hold for them.

The BLD Alumni and Friends Board are inviting our alumni to participate in a survey. The goal of this short survey (less than 5 minutes) is to gauge your interest in starting an alumni to alumni and alumni to student mentorship program (it is not a commitment to participate).  We think our alumni have a depth of knowledge that can be shared in a way that creates a greater sense of community among Spartan laboratorians.  Please click on the attached link and help us determine if this new way to connect would be valuable to you.

Thank you for your continued support and please take a few minutes to provide us your feedback.



Nancy Widener

President BLDAAF