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Summer Courses

Enroll in a BLD Summer Course Today


Stay on track with our summer lab courses BLD213 and BLD214L.  These classes only meet twice a week!


BLD214L: Biomedical Lab Research Techniques

Summer Session A, 2 Credits.

Tu, TH 10:20 A.M.-11:10 A.M., 11:30 A.M. - 2:20 P.M.

Improve your confidence in Science and learn to work independently in the Lab!

Topics Include: research ethics, safety training, keeping a lab notebook, sterile preparation of solutions and growth media, molecular biology, cell culture, working from scientific publications, data presentation, and how to find a research position.

Must have taken or test out of one of the following classes:

MTH 103, MTH 114, MTH 116, MTH 124, or MTH 126

Contact Dr. Sue McQuiston (mquist9@msu.edu) with questions.

Click the link below to register and to see our other summer course offerings.