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Course Topics

BLD 835 - Hemostasis, Thrombosis, and Effective Resource Management
(3 Credits) Taught Fall Semester

  • Theories of Coagulation
  • Theories of Thrombosis
  • Effective Blood Product Management
  • Techniques for Needs and Particular Stresses During an Active Bleeding Crisis

BLD 836 - Adverse Transfusion Outcomes: Detection, Monitoring, and Prevention
(2 Credits) - Taught Spring Semester

  • Adverse Transfusion Outcomes (ATO)
  • Cause for ATO
  • Methods of detection
  • Monitoring Paradigms
  • Prevention

BLD 837 - Transfusion Service Operations and Management
(1 Credit) - Taught Fall Semester

  • Management and Operational Practices
  • Fiscal and Regulatory Oversight of a Transfusion Service

BLD 838 - Blood Product Management

(1 Credit) - Taught in Fall Semester

  • Effective blood product management in the context of high use and high demand clinical settings

These courses were designed to expand the knowledge base of anyone working in transfusion management services in a hospital or other medical care facility.  For more information, please contact our curriculum assistant.