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Ellen Rzepka

Ellen Rzepka
Office Supervisor/Fiscal Officer
Phone: (517) 432-2525
Fax: (517) 432-2006
e-mail: rzepka@msu.edu

Ellen Rzepka holds a bachelor's degree from Michigan State University in Communication Arts. Following graduation, she worked for Psychological Services, Inc. and then Altman Development Corporation in East Lansing. Ellen came to work for her alma mater in 1984. She started in the Chemistry Department and eventually landed in Biomedical Laboratory Diagnostics where she serves as the Administrative Assistant to the Program Director. Ellen serves as the Fiscal Officer, Office Manager, and Human Resource Personnel Administrator for the Program.

In her spare time she enjoys traveling, spending time with her 23 nieces/nephews, gardening, golfing, singing and competing in a chorus, and reading.


North Kedzie Hall
354 Farm Lane, Room N322
East Lansing, MI 48824-5672
  (517) 353-7800
  (517) 432-2006